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Residential Moving

Every move is unique. That’s why we provide residential moving that’s suitable for your individual needs. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive custom plan to transport your belongings in the most efficient way.

Whether local, long distance or overseas, we can accommodate all residential moves. We can move you between apartments, homes and storage units in urban, suburban or rural areas.

Let us walk you through a typical residential move:

1. Quote

We establish an itemized list of your belongings to be transported (either on-site or by phone). We will discuss packing service options and insurance, make sure we know all details about the move, answer all your questions, and then based on all of this, we offer you a guaranteed flat price.

2. Confirmation

We will confirm your guaranteed price and go over the details of your upcoming move so that there will not be any surprises on move day.

3. Box Delivery

If you choose, we will deliver boxes to your home prior to the move day (additional cost- unless included in your quote).

4. Move Day(s)

The moving team securely wraps and protects all furniture and breakable items, and will pack other items according to your quote details. Once we unload your items in your new home, the crew will re-assemble select pieces of furniture. We will help you to place furniture according to your direction. For additional cost, we will also unpack items from boxes (unless included in your quote). The movers will remove all big moving debris before leaving.

We guarantee that your move will be executed from start to finish by a competent professional crew that will execute each step of your move the right way. Get your free estimate today.

Montia Movers offer high-quality, professional moving services.

Our extraordinary commitment to honesty and fairness has recently made Montia Movers one of New York City’s most preferred moving companies. In fact, 95% of our clients are repeat, recommended and referred customers. This speaks volumes about our quality and service.

You deserve quality and experience for your move and that is what Montia Movers offer.

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