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Box Accessories

Montia Movers would like to offer you high quality boxes and box accessories required for your move.

You can purchase boxes or supplies online,
or by calling TOLL-FREE: 1-212-288-2883.

Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with your order.

Wrapping Paper

Packing Paper Bundle

White, unprinted newspaper for wrapping.
Size: 20″ x 1000′; 25 Lbs Pack

Price: $30.00/ea

Shrink Wrap

Roll of Shrink Wrap

Plastic shrink wrap to wrap furniture to keep clean.
Size: 20″ x 1000′

Price: $30.00/ea

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

The best protection for those fragile items
Size: 24″ x 30ft

Price: $15.00/roll

Packing Tape

Packing Tape

The best tape for those boxes.
Size: 2″ x 55′

Price: $3.00/ea

Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

This will make the packing go even faster.

Price: $12.00/ea

Marker pen

Marking Pens

This way your boxes will be very easy to find.

Price: $3.00/ea

Fragile Labels

Fragile Labels

For that extra precaution
Size: 1 Dozen per package

Price: $1.00/package

Mattress bag

Mattress Bag

For extra protection if needed.
Size: Queen Size

Price: $7.00/package

Montia Movers offer high-quality, professional moving services.

Our extraordinary commitment to honesty and fairness has recently made Montia Movers one of New York City’s most preferred moving companies. In fact, 95% of our clients are repeat, recommended and referred customers. This speaks volumes about our quality and service.

You deserve quality and experience for your move and that is what Montia Movers offer.

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