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Fine Art / Antique Moving

Fine art and antiques require special attention. We fully understand that the value of fine art and antiques is defined by its condition. Items treated differently than the rest of your belongings, should be transported differently than the rest of your belongings.

All of our movers are fully trained in moving fine art/antiques by the owner of Montia Movers, Avi Montia, who has over 25 years of experience. We understand that customers are cautious with their valuable, delicate, and fragile belongings. Therefore, we treat your items as if they were are own. Cautiously and properly protecting these items for transportation.

To ensure that the right plan is made for your move, we have our experts survey your residence/offices prior to the move.
We also offer custom crating solutions and temperature-controlled storage options.

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Montia Movers offer high-quality, professional moving services.

Our extraordinary commitment to honesty and fairness has recently made Montia Movers one of New York City’s most preferred moving companies. In fact, 95% of our clients are repeat, recommended and referred customers. This speaks volumes about our quality and service.

You deserve quality and experience for your move and that is what Montia Movers offer.

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