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Piano Moving

Looking for piano moving services? Pianos are fragile and valuable. To maintain their integrity and function, pianos need to be transported using the right equipment and technique. Our movers are specially trained to transport pianos properly, regardless of size or quality.

Whether it is a spinet, console, upright, baby grand, grand, or even a clavichord, we know how to move and respect your piano, so you can be sure that your piano will be transported safely.

Our only requirement is that you play your favorite piece for the movers before they leave! Call us at 212-288-2883 or simply request a free estimate for your piano move.

Montia Movers offer high-quality, professional moving services.

Our extraordinary commitment to honesty and fairness has recently made Montia Movers one of New York City’s most preferred moving companies. In fact, 95% of our clients are repeat, recommended and referred customers. This speaks volumes about our quality and service.

You deserve quality and experience for your move and that is what Montia Movers offer.

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